How Fast Can I Get Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are one of the most effective treatments for damaged teeth. They can restore your teeth so you can confidently smile without any worry. A crown is essentially a cap for a damaged tooth. There are a variety of materials that can be used, but porcelain is the most common as it looks most similar to your natural tooth’s color. If you need to replace your tooth quickly, you may wonder, how fast can I get dental crowns? Below you will find more information on the process and how you can quickly restore your tooth.

How Fast Can I Get Dental Crowns?

Traditional crowns can be a pain as they can take multiple hours-long appointments. It is rare that people have that much extra time on their hands. Instead of getting traditional crowns, consider getting porcelain crowns in a day. Cerec porcelain crowns can be done in one day, so you are in and out of the dental office without issue. Cerec is the most effective 3D technology that can get you porcelain crowns in just one day.

The 3D technology is simple and just as effective as traditional crowns. However, it takes less time and is hassle-free. The dentist will take a digital image of your tooth and then design the porcelain crown. Once the design is complete, your tooth is printed with a 3D printer. The printer is so fast that it can print out your new porcelain crown in just 12 minutes. Traditional crowns can take more than two weeks to get back from the lab, which is why the old way requires multiple appointments. This treatment option can save you a lot of time and money.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

While there are a variety of options when it comes to restoring your teeth, dental crowns are an effective and long-lasting treatment option. Consider the following benefits when determining which treatment option is right for you.

  • Preserves Your Natural Tooth: When your tooth endures trauma or decay it can weaken to a point of no return. If treated early, a dental crown can save your natural tooth, which is much better than having to replace the entire thing.
  • Versatile Treatment: Dental crowns are helpful in correcting a variety of issues, including crooked, chipped, or even discolored teeth. They also look just like your natural tooth, so they are highly discreet.
  • Long-Lasting Treatment: Unlike other treatment options, dental crowns are long-lasting. They can outlast most other treatment options as dental bonding and veneers cannot keep up in terms of longevity.

Dental Injury Prevention

While accidents happen, it is important to ensure that your teeth are as strong and healthy as possible in the case of an injury. This means focusing on your daily oral care routine and keeping it as consistent as possible. It is recommended that you brush at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush. In addition, you should use mouthwash and toothpaste with fluoride to protect and strengthen your enamel. It is also crucial to attend your regular 6-month dental checkups. Seeing a dentist regularly can maintain your oral health and your dentist can stop any potential dental issues before they become a serious problem.

Dentist in Arcadia

If you have been putting off going to the dentist, it’s time to make an appointment. This is especially true if you are concerned that you may need to consider tooth replacement options. Instead of fearing the worst about your dental health, contact Premier Dental Esthetics. Their dentists can provide you with the best care possible and ensure you get the right treatments for your unique dental needs. Contact the top dentist in Arcadia to make an appointment today!

What to Do if You Chip a Crown

A dental crown is a cap placed over your tooth to cover it, restore its shape and size, or increase its strength. It is shaped just like an actual tooth and can improve the appearance of your teeth overall. The crown is cemented into place and fully covers the visible portion of your tooth. This procedure can be used to protect a weak tooth, restore a broken tooth, or cover severely discolored teeth. If taken care of properly, a crown can last a lifetime. However, you can break or chip a crown, which will likely need immediate repair.

If this happens, you will want the best dentists near Arcadia. We have helped countless patients restore their smile through compassionate and quality care.

Causes of Damaged Crowns

Your teeth can withstand a lot, but they are susceptible to chipping or breaking if the pressure is great enough. A crown can further strengthen your teeth, depending on the type of material used. Several things could damage your crown, so maintaining good oral hygiene practices and using safety precautions when doing certain sports or physical activities is important. Below are some of the most common ways people damage their crowns.

Chip a Crown from Injury or accident:

Using protective equipment can help if you are partaking in sports or another physical activity. You can use a mouthguard that can protect your teeth from any impact or pressure.

Chip a Crown from Falling:

Using caution and staying safe are essential. However, not all accidents prove preventable. Ensuring you are healthy and take safety precautions during physical activities helps prevent falling.

Chip a Crown from Teeth grinding:

If you grind your teeth at night, talk with your dentist about a mouthguard. This can help protect your teeth and keep your jaw from being sore in the mornings.
Biting down on something hard: If you have crowns, you should not open things with your teeth or even bite down on hard foods like candy as it can cause unnecessary wear on your crowns.

Regular wear and tear:

While good oral hygiene can help keep your crowns healthy, some people may experience a chip or crack due to wear and tear over the years.

Treating a Damaged Crown

The best way to deal with a damaged crown is to contact your dentist as soon as possible. You may need treatment immediately, which can require seeing an emergency dentist. If your dentist clears you to see the dentist in the next day or two, you may experience tooth sensitivity. You will need to check out the impacted area in your mouth as you may find bleeding. Use warm water to rinse your mouth out and apply pressure with gauze if you are bleeding. If you have to wait to see the dentist use dental cement to protect your tooth. You can find this at most drug stores. But ask your dentist before doing anything.

Once you get to the dentist, they will try to keep your crown intact as much as possible. For the best dental crowns Arcadia has around, visit Premier Dental Esthetics. If the chip isn’t too big, you may be able to get away with your crown being repaired with composite resin. If it’s too big, you may need to get your crown replaced. Your dentist will be able to advise you on the best treatment option for you.

Dental Crowns at Premier Dental Esthetics

If you need treatment for your existing crowns or think you may need crowns for the first time, contact Premier Dental Esthetics. Their dentists can provide you with the best care possible and ensure you get the right treatments for your unique dental needs. Their goal is to get you back to health quickly and effectively. Contact their office and make an appointment today!

Schedule Your Coronation

Woman, Girl, Halloween, Crown, The WitchWe treat all of our patients royally here at Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, but some of them receive actual crowns. We’re not talking about crowns a king or queen wears, but crowns for your teeth! If you live in the Arcadia area, Premier Dental Esthetics is the best place to get your teeth looking better than ever. And putting a crown on a tooth with problems could be just what you need to realize a dazzling smile.

Crowns are a remedy for many problems:

  • protect a weak tooth from decay, breaking, or to hold together a cracked tooth
  • cover and provide durability to a tooth with a large filling and little tooth structure remaining
  • restore a broken tooth or a tooth that has been severely worn down
  • add strength to a tooth following a root canal procedure

If you feel like you have a need for a crown, don’t look any further than Premier Dental Esthetics. Our dentists and lab techs have the experience, training, and proficiency to make sure your crowns are created and placed properly. There are many different kinds of crowns that serve different purposes. We perform a thorough examination to ensure the crown you get is perfect for you and your smile.

We then prepare your tooth so that the crown will fit the way that it should. Once the tooth is prepared and ready, we use state-of-the-art tools to fit the crown on your tooth. When done properly, crowns can last many years. Crowns are a wonderful way to protect and improve your smile.

The team at Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia would love to talk to you about teeth whitening, veneers, and other smile makeover possibilities. We are equipped to offer general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, orthodontics and a long list of other procedures. Call us today for an appointment.




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5 Smile Makeover Questions For Arcadia Smiles

How Much Does A Smile Makeover Cost In Arcadia

If you are considering a multi-procedure smile makeover or extensive cosmetic dentistry, Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia suggests these four considerations:

All At Once Or Over Time?
You can often receive several (or all) procedures in one visit. It all depends on the specific procedures necessary to achieve your perfect smile. We develop a unique treatment plan for each patient after an extensive consultation and examination.

Oral Sedation?
Many cosmetic dental patients benefit from sedation dentistry. Conscious sedation is especially helpful for procedures such as multiple wisdom teeth extractions and dental implant placement.

We know that cosmetic dentistry is a substantial investment for most people. Some procedures are covered by dental plans, so if you have dental insurance, be sure to find out exactly what is covered. Many Arcadia residents use flex spending accounts for dental work and reap the tax advantages. Call us to discuss dental financing options in Arcadia.

Healing Time?
With the latest materials and cosmetic dental techniques, healing times are often minimal. However, some treatments such as bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, root canals, and dental implants often require a short healing period. Consider how the timing of your dental visits and the necessary healing periods will affect your job and family responsibilities.

Aesthetic Results?
At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, our patients experience terrific results when doing smile transformations in phases, however, porcelain restorations are best fabricated in the same “batch” for the most precise color matching.

Schedule a consultation with Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia to find out more. We also provide family dentistry. Make an appointment with us today.

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White Fillings

Tooth-Colored Fillings in Pasadena

When a tooth has decay or has been damaged, a dental restoration is needed to restore the tooth to its previous, intact condition. A dental filling is one of the most common and well-known types of restorations. A dental filling is used to repair decayed or damaged tooth surfaces. Most people have a few fillings in their mouth.

If you have old silver amalgam fillings, Premier Dental Esthetics can replace them with nearly-invisible fillings that are tooth colored. These fillings are made out of a strong composite resin. Many of our cosmetic dentistry patients have replaced their old silver fillings with fillings matched to their teeth. You can improve your smile instantly and relatively inexpensively by getting rid of the metal.

If you would like to replace your amalgam fillings, call Premier Dental Estehetics in Arcadia to schedule a consultation. We provide family and cosmetic dentistry.

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Get The Royal Treatment At Premier Dental Esthetics – Peter S. Young, DDS

Pasadena family dentistry

In need of a crown? At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, we can provide the outstanding experience you deserve with the dental care required. Get discolored teeth brightened and chipped teeth repaired. Receive one vital procedure or full smile makeovers. Your wish is our command.

Many people believe that cosmetic dentistry refers to procedures designed solely to enhance the looks of your smile, as opposed to procedures that repair a structural problem. However, there is much overlap.

For example, the use of white fillings takes care of the cavities and makes your smile more beautiful. Other procedures used in cosmetic and general dentistry are veneers, inlays/onlays, braces, teeth whitening, soft-tissue grafts, crown lengthening, tooth implants, and dental bonding.

We want you to experience the transformation that comes from cosmetic dental services handled by a true artist. Whether you need veneers, crowns, or whitening, we have an imperial seat ready for you to dictate from.

Let us fulfill your every whim:

At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, we provide CEREC Same Day Crowns. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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Solving Dental Dilemmas With Porcelain Crowns in Arcadia

Cosmetic Dental Solutions in ArcadiaAt Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, we use dental crowns to solve a number of dental dilemmas. Sometimes, it’s the only way we can save a tooth.

A dental crown is a strong, natural-looking tooth restoration that covers the top of a damaged tooth. They can remedy the following problems:

  • A broken tooth with decay
  • An existing, ill-fitting crown
  • A decayed tooth that has lost significant tooth structure
  • A tooth that has had a root canal
  • A tooth that is too small or misshapen
  • A tooth that causes a bite problem

Before a crown can be attached, the tooth it is fitting over must be prepared. The affected area is numbed with a local anesthetic. Then any decay is removed, and the tooth is shaped. Next, a mold is taken of the prepped tooth and surrounding teeth.

A temporary crown is placed on the tooth while the permanent crown is created. Vigorous brushing or flossing can displace the crown or damage the exposed soft tissue, so you need to be careful while it’s in. You should also refrain from eating hard or sticky foods.

Once the permanent tooth is ready, it is cemented in place.

For more information about porcelain crowns and other cosmetic dentistry, contact Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia. We also provide family dentistry.

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How Long Do They Last? Dental Crowns in Arcadia

cost of dental crowns Pasadena

Pasadena endodontists, oral surgeons, and general dentists use dental crowns (sometimes called caps) in many restorative treatments. A crown adds strength to a tooth that has a large filling or has been injured, a crown can correct bite misalignments, and a crown is usually necessary after a root canal. In a dental implant procedure, attaching the crown to the abutment is the final step.

Crowns are also used extensively for purely cosmetic reasons: yellow teeth, stained teeth, too-small teeth, and teeth that are misshapen.

Dental crowns are fabricated from a variety of materials that vary in appearance and strength:

1. All ceramic (porcelain-based)
2. Porcelain fused to metal
3. Gold alloys
4. Base metal alloys

Your dentist can help you determine which type is right for you. Factors to consider are the location of the crown in the mouth, your budget, and any allergies to metal.

Dental crowns can last for many years, but are not designed to last indefinitely. Even with proper care, dental patients should not expect crowns to be trouble-free for decades.

There is encouraging evidence that points to a high success rate: a 2009 study found that more than 90% of dental crowns will not require treatment within five years of placement. The study also found that 50% to 80% last from 15 to 20 years.1

At Premier Dental Esthetics – Peter S. Young, DDS in Arcadia, services include dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. We also offer gum disease treatment and family dentistry.

1Bader JD1, Shugars DA., “Summary review of the survival of single crowns,”, 2009,, accessed June 16, 2014

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