How Fast Can I Get Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are one of the most effective treatments for damaged teeth. They can restore your teeth so you can confidently smile without any worry. A crown is essentially a cap for a damaged tooth. There are a variety of materials that can be used, but porcelain is the most common as it looks most similar to your natural tooth’s color. If you need to replace your tooth quickly, you may wonder, how fast can I get dental crowns? Below you will find more information on the process and how you can quickly restore your tooth.

How Fast Can I Get Dental Crowns?

Traditional crowns can be a pain as they can take multiple hours-long appointments. It is rare that people have that much extra time on their hands. Instead of getting traditional crowns, consider getting porcelain crowns in a day. Cerec porcelain crowns can be done in one day, so you are in and out of the dental office without issue. Cerec is the most effective 3D technology that can get you porcelain crowns in just one day.

The 3D technology is simple and just as effective as traditional crowns. However, it takes less time and is hassle-free. The dentist will take a digital image of your tooth and then design the porcelain crown. Once the design is complete, your tooth is printed with a 3D printer. The printer is so fast that it can print out your new porcelain crown in just 12 minutes. Traditional crowns can take more than two weeks to get back from the lab, which is why the old way requires multiple appointments. This treatment option can save you a lot of time and money.

Benefits of Dental Crowns

While there are a variety of options when it comes to restoring your teeth, dental crowns are an effective and long-lasting treatment option. Consider the following benefits when determining which treatment option is right for you.

  • Preserves Your Natural Tooth: When your tooth endures trauma or decay it can weaken to a point of no return. If treated early, a dental crown can save your natural tooth, which is much better than having to replace the entire thing.
  • Versatile Treatment: Dental crowns are helpful in correcting a variety of issues, including crooked, chipped, or even discolored teeth. They also look just like your natural tooth, so they are highly discreet.
  • Long-Lasting Treatment: Unlike other treatment options, dental crowns are long-lasting. They can outlast most other treatment options as dental bonding and veneers cannot keep up in terms of longevity.

Dental Injury Prevention

While accidents happen, it is important to ensure that your teeth are as strong and healthy as possible in the case of an injury. This means focusing on your daily oral care routine and keeping it as consistent as possible. It is recommended that you brush at least twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush. In addition, you should use mouthwash and toothpaste with fluoride to protect and strengthen your enamel. It is also crucial to attend your regular 6-month dental checkups. Seeing a dentist regularly can maintain your oral health and your dentist can stop any potential dental issues before they become a serious problem.

Dentist in Arcadia

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