Did Your Dentist Recommend Gum Surgery? FDA Cleared Laser For Soft Tissue Treatment. Avoid The Painful Cutting And Stitching Of Gum Surgery

Lasers are used in every field of medicine and dentistry is no exception. Dr. Young is no amateur to the use of lasers in dental operations. He has been performing laser dentistry for over 20 years and has received an Associate Fellowship from the World Laser Clinical Institute. Dr. Young has two lasers in his office: the Picasso Plus and the top-of-the-line Waterlaser 2.0.

Laser Restoration

Dental restoration procedures such as filling in cavities can usually become a painful and time-consuming process. However, with the use of laser restoration there is very little pain experienced, even with no anesthesia. You’ll also experience less swelling and, thanks to same day treatments, you’ll need to schedule fewer appointments than traditional restoration procedures.

Smile Design

For many occasions, your smile is the first impression others have of you. Using a procedure called “crown lengthening” where the soft tissue surrounding teeth is sculpted and refined, laser treatment can help give you that dazzling, winning smile you’ve always wanted. Even outside of cosmetic applications, smile design can help you prepare for braces, restorative procedures, or veneers, and has been shown to increase bond strength.


The use of scalpels in dental surgery not only has a physical effect on you but a psychological one as well. By implementing laser surgical methods, soft tissue around teeth can be sculpted and refined without the use of a scalpel. Laser surgery also increases the ability for your dentist to control the surgical zone and lessens bleeding during surgery.


The high powered tools that buzz and whir can often have a negative psychological effect on children, which can make visiting the dentist a frightening experience. Laser surgery, on the other hand, removes the need for high speed instruments. Less time is needed to remove cavities as well as reduce bacteria, meaning less discomfort for your child. Since same day multiquadrant treatments are available as well, there are fewer follow-ups and visits for you and your child.


Nearly 40% of dental patients suffer from periodontal problems, meaning issues in the tissue surrounding the tooth structure. Most of these issues exist underneath the gum line, making them hard to correct with traditional instruments. Laser treatment is a less invasive alternative to traditional periodontal treatment with greater flexibility of site-specific cases. The use of lasers in treatments will also help your teeth create more attachments with the root surface, promoting stronger teeth.


Tens of thousands of dental implants have been placed in the last several years. A common problem surrounding this ever growing number is how to treat implant infections. Laser surgery stands up against traditional methods in every category, offering:

  • minimally invasive treatment without any scalpels or sutures
  • the flexibility of single-site or full-mouth cases
  • completing these procedures in a single visit, saving you time for your life.