Dental Veneers

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FREE Veneer Consultation with Dr. Peter Young and get 1 FREE veneer when you purchase 8 or more porcelain veneers.

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Easily resolve spaces, alignment, and color concerns in your smile with teeth veneers!

Image of patient before and after smile

Come see me next week! These are just a few pictures of what we CAN do. More importantly, I would love to see you, so I can see how I can help YOU. Let’s chat in the office!

Know about the total cost of dental veneers treatment.

Start Feeling Great About Your Teeth Again! Repairing Your Smile Does Not Have To Be Painful, Expensive, Or Complicated.

Free Veneer Consultation

“When done right, teeth veneers are the thinnest restorations that actually sit on top of your natural teeth. They are one of the most conservative ways to restore your teeth back to the color, size, and shape you want to see in the mirror. This helps you maintain your unique smile— without giving away the fact that you have had dental work!”

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Beautiful Temporary Veneers

“If you decide that porcelain veneers are the ideal solution for getting the dazzling smile you want, then you should also know that temporary veneers are important. These temporaries are what you wear for 2 weeks prior to getting your permanent veneers. Temporary veneers will protect your teeth as you wait for the permanent improvements to your unique smile.”

Image of veneer teeth on table

Prepless Veneers

“We can offer an even thinner and faster innovation in dental veneers: prepless veneers! These ultra-thin shells do not require any preparation, so you can have a beautiful smile in record time! This feature still gives your veneers a personalized look and feel especially for you— just with less effort and time than traditional ones.”

Image of dental instrument holding up a veneer before placement

Your veneers will look and feel so natural that no one will know you have had any dental work done at all!

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