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Having a beautiful healthy smile can be the beginning of many successful endeavors. A perfect smile will add immensely to your appearance and your confidence.

There are three components of a smile. These components include the lips, gums, and teeth. All three components must be individually healthy while also in harmony as one cohesive unit. Our cosmetic dentistry treatments will help you achieve the perfect smile by shaping each component.

Pasadena cosmetic dentistry patient was thrilled with her appointment with Arcadia cosmetic dentist Dr. Peter Young.

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Beautiful Lips, Gums, and Teeth

Image of close up of smile with teeth showingTeeth should be aligned in a U-shaped arch that is proportionally correct with a brilliant, natural, faultless appearance. The best gums are pink in color, with no swelling or infection, and are tightly attached to the teeth. Finally, the lips that frame the gums and teeth should be properly supported by the healthy teeth-gums-bone dentition complex.

The movement of the lips while smiling can affect the balance between the teeth and gums in your appearance. Crowded teeth, discoloration, old non-matching restorations, gummy smiles, short teeth, off-center teeth and protruded teeth are some of the most common smile flaws.

These are all aspects of the healthy smile and it requires understanding and detailed attention in order to design and beautify one’s smile. How do you give your smile the attention it deserves?

Aesthetic Dentistry Services in Arcadia, CA

Dr. Young, Arcadia dentist, provides dozens of cosmetic dentistry services that will transform your look and health by giving you the perfect smile. Our cosmetic dentist may recommend sparkling dental veneers, dental bridges and crowns, or orthodontics to enhance your grin.

No matter which imperfections are bothering you, we have a safe and rapid solution. When you come in for a consultation with our cosmetic dentist, he can tell you more about the potential for your smile and which cosmetic dentistry services will help you reach that potential.

Call us in Arcadia today to schedule an appointment with our knowledgeable cosmetic dentist. We can’t wait to work with you until you are satisfied with your perfect smile. Visit our aesthetic dentistry near Pasadena and Monrovia, CA today!

Cosmetic dentistry near Pasadena helps patients get a new smile using cosmetic dentistry techniques.

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