6 Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Family dentists offer a variety of services for your entire family. In fact, they are skilled in addressing dental issues at every stage of your life. Because children, teens, adults, and elderly patients have uniquely different dental needs, it’s important to choose a dentist that is skilled and experienced in a variety of treatments and services. Below you will find the 6 benefits of having a family dentist.

6 Benefits of Having a Family Dentist

Family dentists provide comprehensive oral care for your entire family. This can be beneficial in a number of ways. Consider the following benefits of having a family dentist.

Ease of Scheduling:

Dentists focusing on a certain specialty usually have short business hours. This can be difficult for families as family schedules can be hectic. Family dentists understand this and often offer a wide range of appointment times. They often open earlier and take later appointments to help families who have a number of patients in work, school, and other extracurricular activities.

Preventative Measures:

Family dentists understand the importance of prevention. Preventing dental issues at every stage of life is beneficial for your oral and overall health. A family dentist can assess your oral health at regular checkups and consider your family dental history. This can be highly beneficial in maintaining your oral health and avoiding preventable dental issues.


Family dentists offer a wide variety of services. This can be highly beneficial for busy families as a family dental clinic can essentially be a one-stop shop for the whole family. Having to visit a variety of dental offices for different treatments can be a hassle, take up a lot of time, and be an insurance nightmare. Avoid these issues by choosing a family dentist in Arcadia that can meet all of your family’s dental needs.

Treatment Options:

Dentists who are not skilled in a variety of treatments may not be able to give you all of your options. There is often more than one treatment option for the same dental issue. A family dentist can provide you a variety of treatment options as compared to dentists who are only skilled in a few treatments. Avoid getting stuck with just one option by choosing an experienced family dentist.

Comprehensive Dental History:

Visiting a family dentist can ensure that they have your family’s comprehensive dental history. Not only can the older generations help the family dentist inform them of potential issues for younger patients, but the comprehensive dental history can be a valuable resource for your family dentist. This can help with early detection when it comes to your oral health which can save you time, money, and avoid more serious dental issues.

Patient Education:

Most patients only visit the dentist twice a year. So it remains important to ensure that your daily oral care routine stays effective. Family dentists will provide you with recommendations on oral care products. Also, they give advice and education on how to care for your teeth in between visits. Also, family dentists focus on prevention so your oral care stays in good shape for the long haul.

Family Dentist in Arcadia

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, or if you are looking for a new dentist, contact the team at Premier Dental Esthetics. They are skilled in a variety of treatment options, including family, restorative, cosmetic dentistry services. They also provide orthodontic treatment and have sedation dentistry options for patients who need it. No matter what your dental needs are, Premier Dental Esthetics can address the needs of you and your entire family. Contact the top dentist in Arcadia today to schedule an appointment!

How Often Should My Kid See the Dentist?

Children start developing teeth at a very early age; in fact, they even have teeth in the womb. By the time those teeth start erupting and becoming visible, you might start wondering when to take them to the dentist. It is a good idea to get them used to the dentist’s office before they are 3 years of age. But as they grow, they should continue to have their oral health monitored by a dentist. So, how often should your kid see the dentist?

How Often Should My Kid See the Dentist?

For all of those wondering, “How often should my kid see the dentist?” keep reading below. You can learn some important facts about your child’s dental health and find out how often they should pay a visit to the friendly family dentist near Pasadena.

Regular Dental Visits

Once your child grows their first tooth, try scheduling a dental appointment every 6 months. You should at least schedule a checkup a couple of times a year. This can ensure no major dental issues need to be addressed. As your child’s teeth continue to grow, you’ll need to monitor their health. Because they will start to experience new sensations in the mouth.

But don’t take a positive bill of health as a sign that your child doesn’t need to go to the dentist! Healthy teeth are great, and the best way to keep them healthy is to ensure that they are still getting checked regularly by a professional.

Children and Oral Health Issues

Children should go to the dentist every 6 months. Why? Because it is easy for an oral health issue to arise very quickly. Within a couple of months, a child can develop cavities due to tooth decay after eating too many sweets. Eating junk food and not brushing teeth thoroughly enough can lead to a myriad of issues that will only worsen over time.

This is further exacerbated by the fact that baby teeth are much more susceptible to oral health issues than adult teeth. As teeth are constantly growing and changing during the first 15 years of a child’s life, it is even more important to stay on top of their oral health routines.

Do Kids Need X-Rays with Every Visit?

Kids might not always need x-rays, but they do if there is any sign of dental damage or an area of concern that should be monitored further. During your child’s dental visit, the dentist will administer pediatric x-rays, which contain a lesser dose of radiation that can take pictures of the teeth and jaws. X-rays are safe enough to use on newborns and infants, so you can speak with your dentist about further concerns regarding the number of x-rays your child should receive per year.

Why Preventative Dentistry is Important

A lot of parents don’t find it necessary to take their child to the dentist every 6 months. Especially if their child is in good general health. Maybe their x-rays are good and tooth exams come out without a scratch. Still, it remains a good idea to invest in preventative dentistry. Doing so keeps germs and bacteria at bay. Teach your child to establish a daily oral hygiene routine that consists of brushing, flossing, and mouthwash.

Find Your Favorite Family Dentist at Smiles of Arcadia Today!

Looking for a family-friendly dentist near Pasadena who can help you figure out the best oral healthcare routine for your child? Get in touch with our staff members today to set up a personal consultation for you and your family. It’s never too early to invest in good dental health, especially when your child’s teeth are still developing. Stay on top of those changes and prevent any future oral health problems by getting in touch with your professional dentist ASAP.

How to Choose a Family Dentist

Research has shown the important link between your dental health and overall health. One of the main factors in keeping up with your oral health is visiting the dentist regularly and keeping up with your daily oral care routine. Because life can get busy you may put off the dentist or take a little extra time between visits. However, it’s important to keep your family healthy so it’s helpful to find a family dentist you can all visit together. Below you will find helpful tips on how to choose a family dentist.

How to Choose a Family Dentist

Consider the following factors when you look for a family dentist to be sure they are the right fit.


One of the more administrative factors when it comes to choosing a dentist is whether or not they are in your insurance network or not. Because dental services can be costly, it’s helpful to find a dentist covered by your insurance. Once you know who is within your network it’s a lot easier to find the right dentist for your family.


Search your potential family dentist’s name online. You should find a number of reviews and information on how they treat their patients. Finding a dentist with the right credentials who creates a healthy and comforting environment is important. Many people experience fear and anxiety when it comes to the dentist so it’s important to find a family-friendly dentist office that can make your whole family feel welcome.

Credentials and Experience:

Finding a dentist that has all of the necessary credentials is important in keeping your family safe. Making sure that your family dentist can provide you with all of the necessary services for your family is important. Research their credentials and areas of expertise just to be sure. You should also find out how long they have been practicing as experience is an important factor when it comes to dentistry.

Services Provided:

Finding a family dentist that provides a wide variety of services can be a major benefit as you won’t have to go to other specialists for certain treatments or procedures. Most family dentistry offices have a number of dentists that can provide varying specialties. Some of the most common services include the following: children’s dentistry, family dentistry, cavity treatment, Invisalign or traditional braces, preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, wisdom tooth extractions, gum disease treatment, and root canal treatment. Finding a family dentist that provides the majority of these services can be a major benefit to you and your family.

Office Environment:

Use your gut and get a feel of the dental office environment. Was the staff friendly, and did they make you feel welcome? Were you and your children comfortable the whole time? Was everything clean? You can usually get a good idea of the office culture and environment within the first visit. If you or your children get a bad feeling or don’t feel that the family dentist is the right fit for you and your family, keep looking.

Family Dentistry in Arcadia

If you are looking for a family dentist in Arcadia, contact Premier Dental Esthetics. Their team has been working with families providing dental services for years. They are the top location for family dentistry in Arcadia. In addition to family dentistry services, they also provide cosmetic dentistry. For those in your family who are considering improving their smile, the dentists at Premier Dental Esthetics are skilled in teeth whitening, orthodontics, and dental veneers. Contact the top cosmetic dentist in Arcadia today and set up appointments for your whole family!

Family Dentist VS. General Dentist

All dentists are extensively trained, but some of them choose to specialize in certain aspects of oral health. Knowing the difference between different kinds of medical professionals within the field of dentistry can make it much easier to ensure you’re reaching out to the right expert for your family. We could certainly describe all of these subfields at length. So what is the difference of a family dentist vs. a general dentist.

Family Dentist VS. General Dentist

We have chosen to start with a basic distinction that will help you to choose whether a family dentist or a general dentist is the right primary care provider for your household.

What Is a Family Dentist?

Family dentists specialize in taking care of entire family units from the youngest member to the oldest member. For an adult, this may not make much of a difference. But a family dentist can be incredibly beneficial for young children. A general dentist’s first and only priority is providing necessary health care. A family dentist more likely focuses on the educational aspects of oral health as well as necessary health care. This focus on education can help to teach children of all ages. They can gain the skills they need to care for their teeth in between dental visits.

In addition to teaching your children about oral health, a family dentist in Arcadia is more likely to make young and fearful children more comfortable. It isn’t that a general dentist is necessarily bad at providing that sense of security, but a family dentist usually has more practice dealing with those issues. It’s a regular part of their professional life, so most family dentists have established approaches that work with children. By providing this type of support, your dentist is increasing the likelihood that your child will not avoid dental treatment as an adult.

What Is a General Dentist?

General dentists are also highly trained professionals, but they may not be prepared to deal with young children or the elderly. Some general dentists will actually refuse to treat children simply because they aren’t the best suited for the job. You may certainly choose to stay with your general dentist after having children. But you will likely find yourself using more than one dentist to ensure that all of your family’s needs are met. This can be time-consuming and frustrating if you’re going to two different dentists every six months.

Still, general dentists are an excellent choice for adults. Especially if you want a no frills, clinical approach to dentistry. Are you well aware of proper oral hygiene habits? Then a general dentist with do a great job keeping your mouth clean and healthy. Of course, you may be lucky and find a general dentist who works with children! It is just hard to tell unless you already have a well-established relationship.

Choosing the Right Dentist for Your Household

Only you can choose the right dentist for your household, but if you’re looking for family dentistry in Arcadia, then you should keep four considerations in mind.

  • Services: Make sure that your family dentist offers all services you may need.
  • Location: Your family dentist should be a relatively easy distance away for convenience.
  • History: Look for a well-established practice with satisfied patients.
  • Temperament: Try to choose a dentist who works well with all of the members of your family.

Ultimately, you want to find a dental office that makes you and the rest of your household feel comfortable and cared for. This relationship will only build over time. As it does, it gives your family the support it needs to raise healthy and happy children. Even more important, they will understand the importance of oral health.

How to Help Your Child Overcome Dental Fear

A lot of kids are afraid of going to the dentist. Even most adults feel uncomfortable when sitting back in the dental chair. But it is important for both you and your kids to know that keeping up with good oral hygiene is the best way to prevent sickness and disease.

How to Help Your Child Overcome Dental Fear

Annual checkups are important, especially because it is the best time to clean teeth and check for cavities. If your child is afraid of visiting the dentist in Arcadia for their next appointment, here are some tips to show you how to help your child overcome dental fear.

Make an Early Introduction

The earlier you can introduce your child to the dentist, the easier it will be for them to get accustomed to the space. Meeting the dentist before the day of the appointment can also greatly help your child feel less scared on the actual day of the dental treatment. Be sure to check in with your child to see how they feel in advance of the appointment date.

Accompany Your Child

Your little one may feel too scared to be alone with the dentist. Children below the age of 6 can lay on your lap in the dental chair so you can be right there with them throughout the entire process. If your child is older, you can still remain in the room and hold their hand or their arm while the dentist goes to work.

Set Realistic Expectations

Your child needs to know what to expect before going to the dentist. Don’t lie to them and say that nothing will hurt, but don’t fill their head with horror stories either. You can be a good role model to your children by explaining the benefits of dental visits and associate the dentist with a positive experience.

For the most part, the checkup and cleaning shouldn’t hurt at all, but your child will still have to expect the different tools and devices used during the appointment.

Add a Distraction

Distractions are always a good thing. Most dental offices will have TVs available in each room where your child can control the channel during their stay. This can help get their mind off of the procedure. Other distractions, such as talking and music, can also help to keep your child happy and less afraid.

Try to Take it Slow

Your local family dentistry in Arcadia understands that many children feel hesitant about going to the dentist. Encourage the dentist to go slowly with your kids who are prone to choking and panicking. There are tools more appropriately sized for kids that can help them get used to the dentist without getting hurt. Our experts are always attentive, gentle, and understanding of each child’s unique feelings.

Add Positive Reinforcement

If your child is still having trouble calming down at the thought of visiting the dentist, you can add an incentive to turn it into a positive experience. Promise to treat them to their favorite dessert or take them to the park when things are done. Soon, they will be begging to visit the dentist again!

Visit the Best Family Dentist in Arcadia

At Smiles of Arcadia, we care about the quality of your smile. We understand that visiting the dentist can be an intimidating or downright scary experience, and we are here to help you and your kids feel at home as we tend to your dental health. Consider what is best for your oral hygiene and schedule a dental appointment for the whole family. Call us now for a personal consultation!

Do You Grind Your Teeth While You Sleep?

Arcadia dentist teeth whitening

Do you grind your teeth while you sleep? That may not be an easy question to answer if you sleep alone. It’s a common problem, though, and it can result in tooth damage. A custom-made mouth guard from Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia may be just what you need.

The Issue
Most teeth grinding occurs during sleep. Symptoms of consistent teeth grinding include a sore jaw and dull headache in the mornings. The formal term for teeteh grinding is bruxism. Common causes include anxiety and stress, but it can also be related to an abnormal bite or missing or crooked teeth.

Visit The Dentist
We can be identify bruxism through an oral examination of jaw tenderness and abnormalities in the teeth.

Mild bruxism may not require any treatment. But more serious cases can lead to jaw disorders, damaged teeth, and other problems.

At Premier Dental Esthetics, we can custom-fit you with a mouth guard to wear at night to protect your teeth. These are sometimes called “splints.” They look like an athlete’s mouth guard, but most are made from a rigid material. We also provide a wide range of family dentistry services. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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Kids Who Like Dental Visits?

friendly children

At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, we are passionate about protecting children’s dental health, and proud  that most of our young patients enjoy their checkups, cleanings, and treatments. We believe that establishing a relationship with an experienced, friendly dentist is fundamental.

The Oral Health-Physical Health Connection

Good physical health for children is impossible without the dental health component. Though this seems obvious, cavities in children is a national epidemic, yet for the most part is preventable. Regular checkups are just as critical as well child exams and immunizations.

The health of your child’s teeth and gums affects their speech development, eating habits, academic success, mental health, and social relationships. At Premier Dental Esthetics, we love working with you and your child to establish habits that ensure a healthy smile for life.

The Good News

Today’s children are far less fearful of the dentist than earlier generations. Part of the reason is that dental tools have evolved, and rarely cause any pain. If you are old enough to remember the whining dental drills of fifty years ago, you probably have a greater appreciation for the technological developments that make dental treatment far more pleasant than in years past.

At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, children’s dental health is huge. We offer family and cosmetic dentistry services. Schedule an appointment for your youngster (or yourself) today.

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Tooth Tips For Traveling

Premier Dental Esthetics - Peter S. Young, DDS Tooth Tips For Traveling

If you will be traveling soon, the team at Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia reminds you not to forget the dental hygiene component.

That means more than remembering to pack your toothbrush. It’s always a good idea to have a checkup before leaving on long vacations, especially if you’re headed somewhere without adequate dental care options. This quick check-up will help you be sure that your mouth is ready to travel.

Another important consideration: if you have any dental procedures scheduled before you leave, discuss it with us. Many procedures are actually surgical procedures. You may need more time to heal than you realize.

Also, if you’re leaving by plane, you should be aware that changes in the cabin pressure may cause tooth pain or discomfort for patients who have just had oral surgery. Additionally, make sure you are aware of any needed follow-up appointments with your dentist or orthodontist before you schedule a vacation.

At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, we want our patients to practice good dental hygiene at home and on the road. Our services include family and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule your next appointment today – and bon voyage!

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Replace Those Old Silver Fillings

white fillings Arcadia

Do you recall what your teeth looked like before you had your first cavity? When you opened your mouth to laugh or yawn, others would only see pearly white molar surfaces. Well, unless, of course, you had been munching on Oreos (LOL). Even if you’ve had a cavity (or cavities), our team at Premier Dental Esthetics, your leading general and cosmetic dentistry provider in the Arcadia, California area, believes that it’s time to move on from those old-school silver amalgam fillings that many family dentists relied on back in the day. Tooth-colored fillings that match your natural teeth are the best option.

If you are like many people, you started developing tooth decay fairly young and started receiving those ubiquitous silver eyesores.  As the years passed, two fillings became three, then three fillings may have become four. Now when you open wide, others see a mouthful of metal.

Fortunately, people with silver amalgam fillings can regain the smile of their youth. The replacement of silver fillings with composite tooth-colored fillings is a relatively inexpensive cosmetic dental procedure available at Premier Dental Esthetics that can transform your smile just as dramatically as more extensive cosmetic dental treatments. Composite fillings are fabricated with a mixture of glass or quartz and resin which results in a natural tooth-colored material. They are quite durable when bonded to the tooth with adhesive.

Hopefully, you don’t have a new cavity; but if you do, you can get a white composite filling. In addition to the cosmetic benefits over silver, they require the removal of less healthy tooth structure. If you would like to improve your smile by replacing silver-mercury fillings, please call us at Premier Dental Esthetics to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation in the Arcadia, California area today.

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Teen Teeth: Adolescent Oral Health

 adolescent dental issues

If you are a teenager or the parent of a teenager, this post from Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia CA is for you. We’ll discuss dental issues of special concern to adolescents. Dental risks for Arcadia teens include both developmental and lifestyle-related factors.

At Premier Dental Esthetics we see tooth decay and gum disease in teenagers far too often. Possible causes and complicating conditions include insufficient dental hygiene, unhealthy diet, malocclusion (misaligned bite), smoking, hormonal changes, tooth grinding, mouth breathing, eating disorders, and side effects of medications.

As children become more independent, some get lax about brushing and flossing. Furthermore, some teens’ diets become worse when they have more freedom to choose what to eat. Few parents let their four year-old drink an energy drink, but they are consumed frequently by Arcadia teenagers – presumably without their parents’ knowledge.

Malocclusion (crooked teeth) can make proper brushing and flossing problematic, leaving even vigilant brushers with decay from food particles that are almost impossible to remove. Malocclusion can also trigger TMD (Temporomandibular disorder).

In spite of numerous public service campaigns aimed at preventing teen smoking, many youth take up the habit even before they graduate from high school. Smoking wrecks teeth as surely as it wrecks lungs.

One of the teen dental issues that impacts most young men and women is wisdom teeth. It’s best to start monitoring your teen’s wisdom teeth early so they can be treated before they result in issues with the jaw or surrounding teeth. And you certainly don’t want to send your high-school grad to an out-of-state college without addressing his or her third molars. If problems develop, they won’t be near their regular dentist, may miss class, and will either need to come home or use an out-of-network dentist or oral surgeon.

This article is by no means exhaustive on the vital subject of adolescent oral health. Future posts will discuss orthodontia, oral piercings, eating disorders, and abnormal teeth growth.

At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia CA, we offer family and cosmetic dentistry. Schedule an appointment for you or your teenager today.

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