A Healthy Bite with Orthodontics

Having a healthy bite means that you can preserve the function and comfort of your teeth and joints. A healthy bite means easy chewing and speaking for a lifetime.

What is a Healthy Bite?

An acceptable healthy bite occurs when all the teeth are aligned in a U- shape arch matching all opposing teeth simultaneously when in contact without any imbalance or unevenness.

The Hazards of Misaligned Teeth

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Teeth in alignment, functioning in a harmonious balance, should only wear one millimeter every 100 years. However, much more tooth wear has been seen in most people due to misalignment or other dental issues that could be corrected with orthodontics.

Furthermore, over 90% of the headaches are caused by a joint-muscular- teeth disharmony. The stress of the misalignment and imbalance will cause uneven wear, chipped teeth, pain and tooth loss. A more extensive and detailed diagnosis is needed to determine the proper treatment of such imbalanced conditions.

We can make your smile the best it can be with our various orthodontic options. We provide braces for kids and braces for adults. Here are some of our options:

Pasadena patient was thrilled to get braces for kids at our dentist in Arcadia.Clear Aligner in Arcadia

Clear Aligner clear aligners are sometimes referred to as braces for adults. These braces for adults and teens are see-through, so you won’t have to alter your current look with bulky metal braces.

Clear Aligner orthodontics can be removed and replaced at your convenience. After around a year of wear time, you will see stunningly straight results.

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Functional Orthodontics

Functional orthodontics can be called braces for kids because treatment begins when the patient is young.

Functional braces for kids begin with Phase I when the child is between 7 and 10 years in age. This phase promotes proper bone growth for your child, allowing their teeth to come in straighter and their bite to develop better. Functional orthodontics make creating a straight, beautiful smile in the future simpler.

Introducing PROPEL

You can see your stunningly straight smile faster than ever with our advanced acceleration system. PROPEL orthodontics can be used for patients with both Clear Aligner and traditional metal braces.

PROPEL has been proven to shorten treatment time for orthodontic patients by up to 50%! Most patients are able to complete their treatment time in less than one year.

The PROPEL acceleration process can be administered right here in our office. After treatment, patients notice very little discomfort, and they are able to immediately return to their daily tasks.

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