Full Night Guard

Mouth pieces are commonly made for multiple purposes. These include treatment of TMJ(Temporomandibular Joint) problem, for orthodontics, protection of teeth from grinding, protection in contact sports, treatment of snoring as well as enhancing performance in sports. A full night guard or a NTI (Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition) Tension Suppression System is recommended when teeth grinding and/or clenching are observed while sleeping. The night guard will preserve the teeth from wearing down, fracturing, and possibly reduce pain in the jaw joint (TMJ).
Image of clear dental retainerIf you or your children participate in sports, we can create a customized athletic mouthguard for you or your children.

Sports Mouth guards in Arcadia

Have you ever wanted to drive that golf ball straighter and further? Move quicker and jump higher? Have more efficient workouts at the gym? The Agility Guard is a new product that is proven to increase your physical agility. It has been shown to give professional athletes more balance, strength, flexibility, speed and range of motion.

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It is estimated that there are approximately 3.6 million cases of sport related concussions reported to emergency rooms in hospitals across the country. 10-20% of the cases are sustained by high school athletes. A recent study of 412 student- athletes from 6 high schools showed 8.3% of the athletes wearing over-the-counter standard mouth guards suffered brain injuries, while only 3.6% of the students that wore custom mouth guards suffered concussions. The difference is that custom sports mouth guards are made with better material, fit over the teeth perfectly and are twice to three times as thick.

Not only does the custom mouth guard give better protection to the brain and the teeth, they also have been shown to enhance performance by providing a more open airway for better breathing. Call our dentist in Arcadia for more information about the sports mouth guards before you start your next sport event.

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