Is Sedation Dentistry Right for Me?

Sedation dentistry is the practice of using medications to help calm patients during routine dental procedures. This approach isn’t right for everyone, but it can be an excellent choice if dental anxiety prevents you from seeking appropriate medical care.

Is Sedation Dentistry Right for Me?

These are the basics if you think sedation dentistry in Arcadia may be the right choice for you.

The Purpose of Sedation Dentistry

Proper dental care is an important aspect of maintaining your physical health, yet it is often put to the side. There are a myriad of reasons why you may not seek regular dental care, but one of the most common reasons is dental anxiety.

Dental anxiety describes the nerves or fear that many people experience in the days leading up to a dentist’s appointment all the way through the appointment itself. Dental anxiety is often manageable, but there are more severe cases that could cause an individual to avoid the dentist or a necessary procedure.

Sedation dentistry uses an individualized, medicated approach to help keep these patients calm. There’s no judgment involved. Your dentist in Arcadia simply wants to make sure that you have access to the healthcare you need, and sedation dentistry makes that possible for a lot of people.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is not a one-size-fits-all solution. There are a number of different approaches available, making sedation dentistry more accessible. These are the three primary forms of sedation dentistry.


You may be given a pill or liquid medication to relax you. Triazolam and midazolam are two of several possibilities. The medications used in oral sedation can make you pretty sleepy, and you are going to be a bit out of it for a while following your appointment.


Nitrous oxide, aka laughing gas, is another common form of sedation dentistry. In comparison to the other approaches, it’s a relatively mild form of sedation. Mostly it just has a calming effect, but your dentist may slightly increase the dosage if necessary. When finished, we flush the nitrous out of your system by switching the mask to produce pure oxygen. You should feel like yourself in a matter of minutes.


Intravenous sedation can work directly injected for a most thorough and longer-lasting form of sedation. General anesthesia almost never finds use for sedation dentistry unless necessary. However, this may be an option in some cases. You will need a ride home after receiving any form of IV sedation.

Talking to Your Dentist About Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry is not available at every dental office, but it is becoming more common. If you’re experiencing severe anxiety and avoiding the dentist due to your fear, then call their office to see if sedation dentistry is available.

If that is an option at your local dentist’s office, then you can start to have that conversation with your dentist. Depending on availability, you may even be able to meet through a virtual appointment to discuss your current needs and concerns.

Undergoing Sedation Dentistry

As long as you are healthy enough to safely use one of the options available through your dental care provider, they will likely make those options available to you. With that said, your dental care provider may require you to try nitrous oxide first before using a stronger form of sedation because it is very low risk.

Regardless of what you choose, each type of sedation comes with risks. While the risks are relatively low, you will want to listen to your dentist’s instructions and take all of the necessary steps to reduce the potential for risks during your sedation dentistry appointment.

Sedation Dentistry for Those with Dental Anxiety

While good dental hygiene and health are related to so many other aspects of your body’s health, many people avoid the dentist out of fear or anxiety of the dentist’s office. Nearly half of North Americans skip going to the dentist. While they may have a multitude of reasons why they don’t get their regular checkups, the number one reported reason for not going is fear. However, sedation dentistry aims to remedy that.

Poor dental hygiene and issues like gum disease due to improper care can lead to numerous other major health issues. Some of these issues include heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease, osteoporosis, and rheumatoid arthritis. These are major health issues that could have unwanted long-term consequences.

Fear and Anxiety

While the fear and anxiety that comes with the dentist can be very real for many people, it’s important to understand how to work through that dental anxiety for the benefit of your dental and overall health. Many of the fears people share are similar. This includes the fear of pain, the sounds and smells, past experiences, and issues with personal space. While it’s helpful to be able to address these fears on your own, they should not delay your regular dental checkups or procedures.

Sedation Dentistry

For those who experience major fear and anxiety, sedation dentistry is an option that is safe and effective. Sedation dentistry is fairly simple and is literally just what it sounds like. Dentists will use medication to help their patients relax during their dental procedures. Sedation allows the patient to remain calm and helps the dentist tend to their dental needs. This is not general anesthesia, as most patients are still awake even while under sedation medication.

Types of Sedation Dentistry

  1. Laughing Gas: This is a medication that is breathed in through a mask that fits over the patient’s nose. The effect of laughing gas is soothing and allows a patient’s body and mind to relax while the dentist performs their dental work. This type of sedation will ease anxiety and the patient will remain awake.
  2. Oral Conscious Sedation: This involves taking a pill before your appointment. The pill will go into effect fairly quickly and will allow you to remain calm for your entire visit. Depending on the patient’s level of anxiety, this may be more helpful as it will take into effect before the appointment.
  3. IV Sedation: This method allows the patient to nap through the entire appointment as they will be provided medication intravenously. This can put the patient to sleep depending on the person.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Increase Overall Health. It is better for your health to go to your regular dental appointments and procedures than to avoid them until it’s too late. Utilizing sedation dentistry versus avoiding the dentist is better for one’s dental and overall health.
  • Confidence Booster. Feeling anxious about visiting the dentist can be debilitating. Instead of having the worry of going and feeling the fear, sedation dentistry can provide you with the confidence of calm. Knowing that you will have medication that will assist you in the process can be comforting.
  • Lowered Sensitivity. Sedation dentistry increases your threshold for sensitivity. With sedation dentistry (and possibly local anesthetic) you will be completely comfortable during your appointment.
  • Fewer Appointments. If you utilize sedation dentistry you may be able to combine multiple appointments into one, reducing the amount of times you have to visit the dentist. This will help reduce anxiety knowing that you not only have the option of sedation, but also the possibility of fewer appointments.

Sedation Dentistry in Arcadia, California

If you have been avoiding the dentist for too long or its time for your regular dental checkup, contact Premier Dental Esthetics. Our staff provides a variety of services and our goal is to get you to love your smile! If you are feeling any fear or anxiety, you don’t have to worry because we offer sedation dentistry in Arcadia and are happy to help anyone who may have fears about going to the dentist.

Premier Dental Esthetics Has A Solution For Dental Anxiety

Oral Conscious SedationSome of our patients at Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia experience severe anxiety when undergoing dental treatment. With sedation dentistry, it is possible for them to get the dental treatment  they need.

You may want to consider sedation dentistry if you have any of the following issues:

  • Strong gag reflex
  • Fear of needles
  • Sensitive teeth
  • Fear and anxiety associated with dental treatment
  • Difficulty getting numb
  • A history of negative dental experiences
  • Trouble controlling body movement due to Parkinson’s disease, Cerebral Palsy or related condition
  • Need extensive dental treatment requiring lengthy dental visits

We provide three sedation dentistry options. You might consider each one a little stronger than the one preceding it.

  • Nitrous Oxide. Commonly known as laughing gas, it is administered through a mask (as in the accompanying photo). Nitrous gives patients a giddy, relaxed feeling. It may or may not make you laugh. It’s been used in dentistry for more than a century, to great effect. It works quickly and wears off quickly.
  • Oral Conscious Sedation. This involves taking a sedative an hour or so before your appointment. As its name implies, you’ll remain awake during your procedure. But you will be extremely relaxed. Most patients are largely unaware of what is going on around them. You’ll need someone to drive you home when your appointment is over.
  • IV Sedation. Administered intravenously, IV sedation is very powerful. Most patients stay awake during their procedure, but are not very alert. It is the strongest option we have. You’ll need a ride home afterward. Plan on taking the rest of the day off.

At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, we want our patients to get the dental care they need in order to have healthy teeth and gums. In addition to sedation, we provide family dentistry and many other services.

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You can often receive several (or all) procedures in one visit. It all depends on the specific procedures necessary to achieve your perfect smile. We develop a unique treatment plan for each patient after an extensive consultation and examination.

Oral Sedation?
Many cosmetic dental patients benefit from sedation dentistry. Conscious sedation is especially helpful for procedures such as multiple wisdom teeth extractions and dental implant placement.

We know that cosmetic dentistry is a substantial investment for most people. Some procedures are covered by dental plans, so if you have dental insurance, be sure to find out exactly what is covered. Many Arcadia residents use flex spending accounts for dental work and reap the tax advantages. Call us to discuss dental financing options in Arcadia.

Healing Time?
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Schedule a consultation with Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia to find out more. We also provide family dentistry. Make an appointment with us today.

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Worried About Dental Visits? Sedation Dentistry in Arcadia

sleep dentistry Pasadena

Millions of Americans cope with dental anxiety – a fear of the dentist so great, they avoid going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry from Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia may be the solution to this problem.

Avoiding something you don’t like seems sensible, at first. The problem is that it puts your dental health at risk. That’s not to downplay dental anxiety. It can be so strong that some are left panic-stricken.

Much of this anxiety is brought on by the fear of pain, or the fear of injections. Fear, certainly, is a natural human emotion. But it can exact a very high toll.

Premier Dental Esthetics offers its patients sedation dentistry as a solution to dental anxiety. We have three levels:

Nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas, has been used in dentistry for more than one hundred years. It is safe and effective, and will keep you totally relaxed.

Oral conscious sedation involves taking a sedative about an hour before your scheduled procedure. The medication used most often is Triazolam, a safe and quick-acting medication. It has virtually no side effects, but you’ll need a ride home.

IV Sedation is administered intravenously. It will definitely make you drowsy, and may even make you sleep. Once your procedure is over, you’ll need someone to drive you back home.

Please don’t dental anxiety keep you from receiving the quality dental care your teeth require. In addition to sedation dentistry, Premier Dental Esthetics practices family and cosmetic dentistry, and provides emergency dental care.

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