How to Make Dental Implants Last Longer

Even with major advancements in dental care, tooth loss is a pervasive issue that impacts millions of Americans. Tooth loss can occur for a variety of reasons, including trauma, gum disease, and tooth decay. One of the most effective tooth replacement options is dental implants. Below you will find helpful tips for how to make dental implants last longer.

How to Make Dental Implants Last Longer

Dental implants are intended to be a permanent tooth replacement option that can improve your oral health and make you feel more confident about your smile. However, it’s important to take good care of your oral health to ensure that your implants last a lifetime.

Oral Hygiene Routine:

Whether you have dental implants or not, your oral hygiene routine is integral to your oral and overall health. This is because harmful plaque can build up and result in gum disease. Gum disease can impact both your gums and jawbone. This can have a negative impact on someone with a dental implant as untreated gum disease can result in jaw bone deterioration. This can result in dental implant failure so it’s important to maintain a consistent daily oral care routine and regularly visit the dentist. This includes brushing at least twice a day, flossing at least once a day, limiting sugary foods, and visiting the dentist every six months.


Research has shown that people who smoke have a lower success rate with dental implants. Smoking interferes with the blood flow to the impacted area. This can negatively impact the healing process necessary for the dental implant to stay implanted and in place. In addition, smoking also increases your risk for gum disease, which can also result in issues with your dental implants due to the risk of jaw bone deterioration.

Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth, either at night or when you are anxious during the day, can result in damage to your dental implant. Teeth grinding can fracture your dental implant, the porcelain crown, or loosen or fracture the screw holding everything together. Just like smoking, this can impact the healing process for those who opt for dental implants. If you grind your teeth it’s important to let your dentist near Pasadena know so they can help you plan accordingly.

Issues with Your Jawbone:

Dental implants are anchored into your jaw bone. If there’s not enough jaw bone available to secure the implant in place, the dental implant can fail. For those who want dental implants and don’t have enough jaw bone, there are options. Bone grafting or sinus lifting can be done to ensure that your dental implant stays in place.

Inexperienced Dental Provider:

If you are considering dental implants, finding a skilled dentist who is experienced in dental implants is necessary. A surgeon without the necessary experience can result in a variety of issues, including improper placement of the implants, tissue trauma during implant placement, or a poorly designed implant (to name just a few). Do your research in advance to ensure you have the best experience.

Signs of Implant Failure

Dental implants are a permanent tooth replacement option. However, if not taken care of properly issues can occur. Implant failure needs to be addressed immediately. Signs of implant failure include redness, swelling, bleeding, receding gums, pus, pain, and implant movement. The failure rate of dental implants is very low (less than 5%) so it’s important to find a skilled dentist for the procedure.

Dental Implants Near Pasadena

The team at Premier Dental Esthetics are skilled in dental implants and have helped countless patients restore their oral health. Contact their office today if you are considering dental implants near Pasadena!

Will Dental Implants Lift My Face?

Dental implants are an effective treatment option for missing teeth. Missing teeth can impact your life in a variety of ways. From your bite alignment and chewing to issues with self-confidence and your speech. Because tooth loss can also cause issues with your jaw bone, it can cause your face to sink in and sag. You may wonder, will dental implants lift my face? Below you will find the benefits of dental implants and why they are right for you.

Will Dental Implants Lift My Face?

Tooth loss can lead to the collapse of your jaw. This is because when the root of your tooth is no longer in place, your body no longer maintains the bone density in that area. This results in the jaw bone shrinking. When your jaw bone shrinks your face can look sunken in and age you. There are a variety of tooth replacement options, but only dental implants in Pasadena can address the issue of bone loss.

Dental implants can address this issue as they include not only a dental crown, but they also include an implant that essentially replaces your tooth’s root. The implant helps preserve the tooth’s root, which in turn preserves your facial structure. However, dental implants cannot restore lost bone in your jaw. If necessary, bone grafting can be used to restore your jaw to its natural form.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Missing teeth can be problematic so it’s important to find an effective replacement option. Below are some of the common benefits of dental implants.

  • Appearance: Dental implants look just like your natural teeth. They also operate just like them so you will have relative ease with eating and digestion, in addition to your speech. One of the major benefits is that you do not have to do any extra work to take care of them. They require the same care as your natural teeth, including a consistent daily oral care routine and regular visits to the dentist.
  • Speech: Missing teeth can cause issues with your speech and make it difficult to pronounce certain words. This can cause you to feel embarrassed and result in you talking less. Because dental implants replace your missing teeth and operate just your natural teeth do, it can drastically improve any speech issues.
  • Digestion: Chewing food with missing teeth can cause your jaw operate differently as compared to if you had all of your natural teeth in. Improper chewing can also lead to digestion issues. Dental implants are an effective way to ensure that your diet is not impacted by your missing teeth.
  • Self-Esteem: Missing teeth can make you feel embarrassed. You may talk or smile less due to the issue. This can be taxing on your mental health and social interactions. Replacing the tooth can help restore your confidence.

Dentist in Arcadia

The first step in getting dental implants is scheduling a consultation. The dentist will determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. In order to be a good candidate for the procedure you’ll need to have healthy gums, sufficient bone density in your jaw, good oral hygiene practices, and abstain from tobacco use. Once you begin with the process, a cone beam scanner is used to create a 3D image of your mouth.

It generally takes two appointments to complete the process as the first one involves placing the implant in your mouth. The period between your first and second appointment can be a few months and varies from patient to patient. The second appointment involves removing the temporary cap and placing a dental crown on the implant. If you are interested in dental implants, schedule a consultation with the top dentist in Arcadia.

Surprising Benefits of Dental Implants

Tooth loss is a major issue for many Americans. In fact, it is estimated that 178 million Americans are missing at least one tooth. Roughly 40 million Americans are missing all of their teeth. Missing teeth can impact one’s self-esteem and result in less smiling. One of the most effective treatment options for tooth loss is dental implants. Below you will find the surprising benefits of dental implants.

Surprising Benefits of Dental Implants

If you are considering tooth replacement options, consider the following benefits of dental implants.


Dental implants look like your natural teeth. The improved appearance can improve one’s confidence in their smile.


Missing teeth can cause major issues with your speech. Even with dentures, your speech can be impacted. This is why dental implants are superior as they are natural, permanent solutions to so many speech issues related to tooth loss.


The impact of tooth loss can cause issues with your self-esteem and confidence. Dental implants look just like natural teeth, which can drastically improve your confidence.


Because dental implants are permanent and are just like your natural teeth, they feel comfortable. They restore the look of your natural smile and are much more comfortable than other tooth replacement options.


Dental implants make eating much easier. Missing teeth can cause major issues with chewing as your mouth has to overcompensate for the tooth loss. Even other tooth replacement options, such as dentures, can pose issues with eating.

Oral Health:

Dental implants are helpful in maintaining your oral health. They don’t require modifying any of your surrounding teeth, and this helps keep all of your remaining natural teeth intact. Because they operate just a natural tooth would, they allow you to continue your regular oral care routine without issue.


Unlike dentures, dental implants are permanent and don’t require removal. Once you have dental implants, your teeth and oral health operate just as they did with your natural teeth.


Dental implants are one of the most durable tooth replacement options. In fact, if you take excellent care of your oral health, they can last a lifetime.

Dental Implant Treatment

The process for dental implants begins with a consultation. If you are a good candidate for the procedure you can move forward with the process. The consultation is a great time to ask any questions and share your expectations. You will also be able to choose the color, shape, and size of your tooth replacement as it will be attached to the implant.

Dental implant treatment is smooth and appears just like your natural tooth. If your tooth hasn’t been removed already, you will need to undergo a tooth extraction first. Once the tooth has been extracted, a dental implant involves a titanium root, an upper connector (also referred to as an “abutment”), and the visible white portion on the top (also referred to as a “crown”). You will experience minimal pain and the recovery process is smooth.

The Implants Solution

Dental implants in Arcadia are an effective tooth replacement solution. Due to certain dental advancements, you can also opt for mini-implants. These allow for easier placement and a faster recovery time. Patients have reported that mini-implants are more comfortable than traditional implants.

Mini-implants are significantly smaller in diameter than traditional posts (also referred to as the “titanium root” portion of the dental implant). Because mini-implants are much smaller, they have less of an impact on your jawbone and require less bone for support. If you are interested in dental implants, contact the team at Premier Dental Aesthetics. They are the top dentists near Arcadia and have helped countless patients with effective tooth replacement options.

Do Dental Implants Look Natural?

Dental implants are the most effective form of tooth replacement, and they look 100% natural. In fact, they are the only tooth replacement option that completely replaces your natural tooth from root to cusp. As a result, dental implants provide superior comfort and long-lasting functionality.

Do Dental Implants Look Natural?

The only downsides are that they can take several dental visits to place, and they cost more upfront than other tooth replacement options. With that being said, the implant itself will last for the rest of your natural life. And the crown will only need to be replaced every 10-15 years as long as you practice normal oral hygiene. Now we’ve covered the basics. So let’s have a look at how dental implants are made to perfectly replicate your tooth in every possible way.

The Process of Placing a Dental Implant

A dental implant typically requires at least three office visits. During your first visit to your dentist in Arcadia, they will evaluate your current oral health to make sure you’re a viable candidate for a dental implant. Typically, that means a visual inspection of your gums as well as x-rays. With these, your dentist can have a look at your jawbone.

  • Keep in mind that significant bone loss or untreated gum disease may preclude you from receiving a dental implant right away. Infected gums and deteriorating bone simply can’t support a dental implant. However, if you’re determined, there are usually treatment options available that will make a dental implant possible for you.
  • Given that all goes well during your first visit, your second visit will consist of placing the metal post of the implant. This segment is drilled directly into your jawbone using an anesthetic. You shouldn’t feel anything during the procedure. Once the post is placed, you will be sent home with care instructions to ensure that your jaw heals properly. The healing process typically takes 8-10 weeks, but it may be longer if you’re older, smoke, or have any condition that reduces blood flow or generally slows your ability to heal.
  • Depending on where you get your dental implants near Pasadena, taking impressions may be a separate visit. Once you’ve had impressions taken, the molds are sent off so that a customized crown can be made just for you. Once the crown is ready, and you’re fully healed, an abutment is used to connect the post to the crown.

The Importance of Replacing the Root

A dental implant is the only tooth replacement option that replicates your natural tooth down to the root. This may not seem like a big deal. But it actually has a massive impact on your oral health down the road. You see, your jawbone actually relies on the chewing motion to tell your body to replace old bone tissue with new bone tissue.

Without a root, these signals don’t reach your jaw bone. Over time, your jaw will lose considerable mass because it is no longer replacing old bone tissue. This can cause your facial structure to change noticeably and has the ability to undermine surrounding structures.

Making A Realistic Looking Crown

The crown is the part of your dental implant that is visible above the gumline. In most cases, the crown is made of porcelain molded from an impression of your jaw. They are colored to match your natural teeth. And they’re highly durable. As a result, a quality dental crown is virtually indistinguishable from a real tooth. On average, you can expect your crown to last at least ten years. But they can last several decades with appropriate care.

Tooth Replacement For The 21st Century

South Temple City tooth implant supported dentures

At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, we offer tooth replacement for the 21st century. Not everything was better back in the “good old days.” Take dentures, for instance. Dentures have been around for generations and have certainly improved the lives of thousands of people who have lost many or all of their teeth.

However, Grandpa’s traditional false teeth are not the best tooth replacement. Traditional dentures can stop many important mouth functions: chewing, tasting, swallowing, talking, and smiling.

Dentures have evolved!

Implant-anchored or implant-supported dentures are far superior than old-school dentures for many patients. So much better, in fact, that there really should be another term for this advanced tooth replacement system – a term that doesn’t include the word “denture.” (If you can think of a good name, let us know.)

There are two types of implant anchored dentures; removable and permanent. No adhesive is required for either system.

  • With the permanent type, screw retentions are anchored in the jaw to serve as attachment points for the denture. Permanent implant-supported dentures are very stable. Moreover, they are usually less expensive than replacing each missing tooth with an implant. (The cost varies depending on the number of implants necessary and other factors.)   Screw retentions require enough bone thickness to allow the implant to securely mesh with the existing bone. Unfortunately, some patients who have been missing teeth for a long period of time have experienced bone recession. For patients who lack the necessary amount of bone, mini-implants may be an alternative.
  • Removable implant anchored dentures have a locator attachment which allows the wearer to snap the appliance in place. Some patients prefer this type because they can remove them at night for cleaning. Countless patients who have traded in their traditional dentures report that their implant anchored dentures have significantly improved their life.

The benefits of implant-supported dentures include:

  • Increased comfort
  • Natural appearance
  • Normal tooth function
  • Improved stability
  • Better bone retention
  • Denture relines not necessary
  • Minimal gum irritation
  • No denture adhesive required

Getting implants from Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia will make you smile with a real toothy grin. We offer a full range of cosmetic dentistry procedures, as well as family dentistry. Schedule an appointment with us today.



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Are You At Risk For Bone Recession?

dental bone grafting Arcadia

We all know that a healthy smile requires decay-free teeth and healthy gums, but how often do we appreciate our jaw bone? Our teeth need a strong firm foundation to remain healthy and beautiful. This post from Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia looks at bone recession.

Occasionally, a patient experiences bone recession in their jaw which can cause tooth loss and other problems. However, it is ordinarily the other way around. The bone loss occurs as a result of a lost tooth. When a tooth and its root is lost, the blood supply and stimulus required for maintaining healthy bone is taken away.

Let’s look at the most common causes of jaw bone recession:

Extracted Teeth
Bone is living tissue and needs stimulation to stay healthy and retain its size and density. Biting, chewing, talking and all the other normal mouth functions keep the portion of the bone surrounding the tooth root healthy. When a tooth is extracted, the bone that used to anchor the tooth root recedes as if it understands that it is no longer needed. A dental implant provides stimulation similar to the natural tooth and can prevent bone recession.

Gum Infection
A gum infection can result when gum inflammation goes untreated and progresses to periodontitis. With periodontitis, the gums pull away from the teeth creating pockets which provide the perfect breeding ground for the detrimental infection.

Gum infections can progress undetected, though there are usually warning signs. Swollen, painful gums, loose teeth, and gums that bleed when brushed are symptoms of periodontitis. The infection dissolves bone as the gums pull away from the tooth. Inadequate oral hygiene increases the risk of gum disease but other factors can compromise gum health. These include smoking (no surprise here), hormone levels, diseases that lower immune system effectiveness, medications that cause dry mouth, and genetic predisposition.

Abscessed Tooth
An abscess is a pus-filled pocket of infection that occurs in the nerve and roots of a tooth. As the infection attacks the tooth and bone tissue it creates a space that fills with pus. There are several treatments for a tooth abscess including antibiotics to kill the infection, a root canal, or extraction, if needed.

If you would like to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant, but don’t have enough bone at the implant site, you might be a candidate for bone grafting. Bone grafting may sound like major oral surgery but it is really a routine procedure. Call us at Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia. Services include family dentistry. Make an appointement today!

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Replace a Missing Tooth with a Durable Dental Implant

Arcadia dental implants in arcadia

Implants? Crowns? Veneers? Invisible braces? As dental technology and services have expanded in the Arcadia area, so has the vocabulary. Dentistry has advanced to provide many new solutions that address almost every possible dental issue. Dr. Peter Young, considered one of the best dentists in California, has the ability with cosmetic and optimal restorative care.

In the past, if a patient in Arcadia had a missing tooth or a severely damaged tooth, California dentists regularly suggested dental bridges or dentures, because they were the best options at the time. These days, unprecedented dental implants in Arcadia have proven to be superior to dental bridges for most dental patients. They can also replace dentures or anchor dentures for some patients.

Dental implants in Arcadia provides many essential advantages over a dental bridge or dentures, such as:

Longevity – Dental implants are durable and permanent, meaning with proper care they can last ten years or more.
Seamless – Fabricated to have the same shape, size, and color of the original tooth, the implant will blend seamlessly with all the other teeth. If the original tooth had aesthetic troubles, these can usually be repaired with the implant crown.
Function – A dental implant functions like a natural tooth allowing for normal eating and speaking.
Convenience – Unlike dentures, no adhesives, rinsing, or removal is needed.
Independent – Like the missing tooth, the dental implant is treated individually. No damaging of adjacent teeth is required, as with dental bridges. This independence allows nearby teeth to remain intact. Cleaning is easier than with most dental bridges which can require the threading of floss under and around the artificial tooth.

If you want to determine if dental implants in Arcadia are right for you or if you desire specifics about smile redesigns, call Premier Dental Esthetics for more details. We look forward to meeting you!

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Great Achievements in Dentistry

Dental implants are one of the greatest advances in the field of dentistry. They are an artificial tooth root that is surgically implanted into the jaw of a patient, to replace a missing root. The implant, in turn, can support an artificial tooth. Dental implants are available from Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia.

The idea of a dental implant actually goes back at least a thousand years. But implants as we know them today date back to the early 1950s. One of their great benefits is that they help to prevent bone loss, which is common in people who have lost one of their natural teeth.

In practical terms, the great thing about implants is that they function like a natural tooth. Implants are typically made of titanium, and they fuse to the patient’s jaw. They integrate so well with the bone that the body does not recognize them as a foreign object, and try to reject them.

Dental implants can be used to replace a single tooth, or they can be used as anchors for dentures. Dentures may be more affordable, but because they are removable, most patients find that they can be unreliably loose. They can also affect the ability to enjoy food. These are not issues with implant-supported dentures.

Dental implants from Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia are the closest thing to getting back a natural tooth. Find out more by scheduling a consultation today.

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5 Smile Makeover Questions For Arcadia Smiles

How Much Does A Smile Makeover Cost In Arcadia

If you are considering a multi-procedure smile makeover or extensive cosmetic dentistry, Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia suggests these four considerations:

All At Once Or Over Time?
You can often receive several (or all) procedures in one visit. It all depends on the specific procedures necessary to achieve your perfect smile. We develop a unique treatment plan for each patient after an extensive consultation and examination.

Oral Sedation?
Many cosmetic dental patients benefit from sedation dentistry. Conscious sedation is especially helpful for procedures such as multiple wisdom teeth extractions and dental implant placement.

We know that cosmetic dentistry is a substantial investment for most people. Some procedures are covered by dental plans, so if you have dental insurance, be sure to find out exactly what is covered. Many Arcadia residents use flex spending accounts for dental work and reap the tax advantages. Call us to discuss dental financing options in Arcadia.

Healing Time?
With the latest materials and cosmetic dental techniques, healing times are often minimal. However, some treatments such as bone grafting, soft tissue grafting, root canals, and dental implants often require a short healing period. Consider how the timing of your dental visits and the necessary healing periods will affect your job and family responsibilities.

Aesthetic Results?
At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, our patients experience terrific results when doing smile transformations in phases, however, porcelain restorations are best fabricated in the same “batch” for the most precise color matching.

Schedule a consultation with Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia to find out more. We also provide family dentistry. Make an appointment with us today.

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Get The Royal Treatment At Premier Dental Esthetics – Peter S. Young, DDS

Pasadena family dentistry

In need of a crown? At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, we can provide the outstanding experience you deserve with the dental care required. Get discolored teeth brightened and chipped teeth repaired. Receive one vital procedure or full smile makeovers. Your wish is our command.

Many people believe that cosmetic dentistry refers to procedures designed solely to enhance the looks of your smile, as opposed to procedures that repair a structural problem. However, there is much overlap.

For example, the use of white fillings takes care of the cavities and makes your smile more beautiful. Other procedures used in cosmetic and general dentistry are veneers, inlays/onlays, braces, teeth whitening, soft-tissue grafts, crown lengthening, tooth implants, and dental bonding.

We want you to experience the transformation that comes from cosmetic dental services handled by a true artist. Whether you need veneers, crowns, or whitening, we have an imperial seat ready for you to dictate from.

Let us fulfill your every whim:

At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, we provide CEREC Same Day Crowns. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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