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Cutting Edge Technology Used by Our Dentists in Arcadia, CA

Image of doctor checking patient teeth x-rayOver recent years, technology has come a long way in every industry. This includes the dental industry.

In fact, at Premier Dental Esthetics, our dentists now utilize a range of cutting-edge technology to provide more effective treatments and solutions to patients. These innovative technologies also minimize discomfort, trauma, recovery time, and pain for patients who undergo various surgeries and treatments.

By ensuring that our team is always up-to-date with the latest in dental education and technology, we are able to provide excellent dental service to all of our patients. Using these technologies ensures they are able to get the best treatment and the best service when they attend appointments at our office.

Our aim is to help all of our patients achieve and maintain excellent dental health. The technology that we use plays a big part in the efficiency of these treatments.

Image of x-ray of teethWe use state-of-the-art technology and techniques in both our general and cosmetic dental procedures. This includes digital x-rays using the Kodak Imaging System or using the highly-praised Zoom system on patients that are looking for teeth whitening services.

For the treatment of receding gums, we are able to offer the Chao Pinhole Surgery Technique. Unlike standard procedures, this technique does not involve cutting, grafting, or stitching. This means that Chao Pinhole Surgery involves less pain, faster recovery, and greater convenience for our patients.

Image of medical equipment

Image of medical equipment

When it comes to orthodontics, we also utilize cutting-edge methods to increase comfort for our patients, speed up treatment times, and reduce inconvenience. This includes orthodontic products and methods such as Clear Aligner, which offers a range of benefits compared to regular metal braces.

Image of illustration of teeth and medical equipmentIn short, we benefit our patients with cutting-edge technology and procedures in all areas of dentistry. Whether you are coming to the office for preventative checks, general procedures, or cosmetic dentistry, you can get the best care through a combination of highly-skilled staff members and up-to-date technology.

How Modern Procedures and Technology Can Benefit Patients

The use of modern procedures and technology by dental clinics benefit patients in many different ways. This is why, at Premier Dental Esthetics, we are committed to offering our patients access to the latest procedures and technology.

We are committed to doing because we realize that this can greatly benefit our patients in a wide variety of ways. When it comes to the technology that we use, our patients will benefit from:

  • Far less trauma, pain, or discomfort with certain procedures.
  • Quicker recovery times or faster completion times for treatment.
  • More comfortable procedures.

You can enjoy all of these benefits and a wide range of services from our dentists in Arcadia, CA:

  • Image of medical equipmentHigh Tech Dentistry | By keeping current with education and technology, we are able to provide more efficient and effective dental care. This includes our CEREC machine, which we can use to produce same-day crowns.
  • Image of medical equipmentLaser Dentistry | One of the most exciting inventions of modern dentistry is in the field of lasers. There are currently three types of lasers: diagnosis, soft-tissue, and hard-tissue. We are proud to say that we use all three types of lasers!

These modern technologies can give you an excellent dental experience every time you come into our office for a procedure!

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