Children’s Dental Health

Children’s Dental Health in Arcadia

Maintaining good dental health for children is critical for facial and airway development. When teeth are crowded at a young age, there is a high chance the child will need braces. Crowding is caused by many different factors. Genetics play a large part on the size of the teeth, however the eruption sequence and how the teeth are aligned in the jaw can be influenced by external factors as early as day one.

Habits such as thumb-sucking can cause the jaw to develop abnormally leading to a narrow jaw and the front teeth to push out. If a child develops allergies early in life and develops a mouth breathing habit, the jaw can develop irregularly.

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Furthermore, the tongue position and speaking habits of a child can also affect the shape and size of the dentition. When dental decay is not treated promptly or properly with a child, the spacing between teeth is reduced and crowding of the teeth can develop as the back teeth move forward. All of these factors have a collective influence on how the teeth will look. Children normally get their first teeth around 6 months of age.

To establish a good dental home, we recommend children visit a dentist as soon as they get their first set of teeth. Establishing good habits and preventing improper ones from developing will ensure the child will have a healthy smile to last for miles.

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