Dental Hygiene

Image of dentist completing medical exam on young boyAn integral part of maintaining your gums and teeth and keeping your smile healthy is the removal of plaque and tartar on a regular basis. The frequency of your dental hygiene visits is based on your individual needs and the condition of your periodontal (gums) health.

Improve Dental Hygiene in Arcadia

During your dental visit we will update your medical history, perform an oral cancer screening exam, check your teeth for dental decay and fractures, review oral hygiene instruction and monitor your periodontal (gum) condition. We highly recommend an electric/mechanical tooth brush such as a Rotadent, Sonicare or Oral-B for optimal home care or a soft-bristled tooth brush. Use a fluoridated ADA approved toothpaste and avoid highly abrasive toothpastes which can cause tooth abrasion leading to teeth sensitivity.

Digital Dental X-Rays

We offer advanced digital X-Ray technology in the office. What does this mean for you as a patient?

  • You receive only 10% of the radiation you would normally get from traditional X-Rays
  • Instead of waiting up to ten minutes for traditional X-Ray films to be developed, digital X-Rays can be viewed and diagnosed almost immediately
  • Digital X-Ray images can be enlarged on a monitor, giving you, the patient, a clear picture of your teeth and the doctor enhanced diagnostic ability
  • Digital X-Rays are environmentally friendly and eliminates chemical waste

Having current dental X-Rays are necessary for proper diagnosis of dental decay, gum disease and overall dental health. The American Dental Association recommends a full series of X-Rays every three to five years and periodic bitewing X-Rays every 6 to 18 months, depending on your risks and dental health history. We take all necessary precautions in minimizing your exposure to any unnecessary radiation and always have every patient covered with a lead apron during X-Rays.

Protect Your Dental Hygiene in Arcadia

At Premier Dental Esthetics, we are dedicated to making your dental experience as comfortable as possible. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


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