How to Choose a Family Dentist

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Research has shown the important link between your dental health and overall health. One of the main factors in keeping up with your oral health is visiting the dentist regularly and keeping up with your daily oral care routine. Because life can get busy you may put off the dentist or take a little extra time between visits. However, it’s important to keep your family healthy so it’s helpful to find a family dentist you can all visit together. Below you will find helpful tips on how to choose a family dentist.

How to Choose a Family Dentist

Consider the following factors when you look for a family dentist to be sure they are the right fit.


One of the more administrative factors when it comes to choosing a dentist is whether or not they are in your insurance network or not. Because dental services can be costly, it’s helpful to find a dentist covered by your insurance. Once you know who is within your network it’s a lot easier to find the right dentist for your family.


Search your potential family dentist’s name online. You should find a number of reviews and information on how they treat their patients. Finding a dentist with the right credentials who creates a healthy and comforting environment is important. Many people experience fear and anxiety when it comes to the dentist so it’s important to find a family-friendly dentist office that can make your whole family feel welcome.

Credentials and Experience:

Finding a dentist that has all of the necessary credentials is important in keeping your family safe. Making sure that your family dentist can provide you with all of the necessary services for your family is important. Research their credentials and areas of expertise just to be sure. You should also find out how long they have been practicing as experience is an important factor when it comes to dentistry.

Services Provided:

Finding a family dentist that provides a wide variety of services can be a major benefit as you won’t have to go to other specialists for certain treatments or procedures. Most family dentistry offices have a number of dentists that can provide varying specialties. Some of the most common services include the following: children’s dentistry, family dentistry, cavity treatment, Invisalign or traditional braces, preventative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, wisdom tooth extractions, gum disease treatment, and root canal treatment. Finding a family dentist that provides the majority of these services can be a major benefit to you and your family.

Office Environment:

Use your gut and get a feel of the dental office environment. Was the staff friendly, and did they make you feel welcome? Were you and your children comfortable the whole time? Was everything clean? You can usually get a good idea of the office culture and environment within the first visit. If you or your children get a bad feeling or don’t feel that the family dentist is the right fit for you and your family, keep looking.

Family Dentistry in Arcadia

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