Top Root Canal Myths

Patients who have never undergone a root canal procedure may be traumatized just by the mention of a “root canal.” Media often portray root canals as a torture experience reminiscent of medieval times. Although endodontics is often portrayed as a painful and dangerous procedure, dentists want to remind you that this is not the case. Most of these terrible stories are just myths that have become more exaggerated over the years.

Top Root Canal Myths

Root canals can save your teeth from having to be completely removed. Let’s talk about root canals and what’s involved when you visit your dentist in Arcadia for this type of procedure. Below, you’ll find the 5 top root canal myths we hear about and what the truth really is.

Root Canals Cause Pain

Many horror stories have been told about root canals that are painful and dangerous. Modern technology makes this procedure painless. The entire procedure is painless because it is completely numbed. You can choose to have local or complete anesthesia in some instances. The area can experience swelling or soreness while healing but this will quickly disappear.

Extractions Are Better Than Root Canals

Another myth is that an extract is more effective than a root canal. General extractions are less expensive but you will end up spending more in the long term because you will need to fill any space left behind. Root canals can save your tooth and prevent you from having to deal with a broken or missing tooth. Root canals can prevent bad infections from spreading further inside your mouth. This could lead to more broken teeth down the road.

Root Canals Cause People to Get Sick

Modern root canals are safer than traditional ones. Root canals can be safely and are not at risk of any diseases. It is best to save natural teeth if possible. Root canals are more likely to prevent you from becoming sick than make you become sick.

All Root Canals are a Dental Emergency

You should always be able call an emergency dentist to get root canal treatment performed quickly. Some people might experience milder symptoms while others may experience more serious problems. If you have severe pain, bleeding or damage to your pulp, it is important that you seek emergency dentistry treatment right away. You should not assume that your tooth infection is serious. Call your endodontist immediately if you are unsure. Although not all root canals need to be performed immediately, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Root Canal Surgery Has a Long Road to Recovery

Patients may be more afraid of the recovery than they are of the actual procedure. Although you might feel some sensitivity for a few days after the procedure, it’s not too severe. An endodontist removed the affected tooth. If you are experiencing severe pain, your dentist or doctor may prescribe pain relief medication. If you feel something is not right, it should only last a few days.

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Our endodontic specialists can help you learn more about the best treatments for tooth infections. After scheduling a consultation with your dentist, you can find out more about the safe and easy way to get a root canal in Arcadia. Root canal treatment can seem scary to many, but our friendly professionals will help you overcome your fears and make it as painless as possible. From beginning to end, the root canal experience should be fast and without any trauma. To learn more, contact our friendly dental experts and schedule a personal consultation for the betterment of your dental health.