Take Your Kids to the Dentist During COVID? Yes or No?

Take your kids to the dentist during COVID.

Due to the importance of children’s oral health in relation to their overall health, regular dental appointments are a necessary. It is still important to take your kids to the dentist during COVID due to the major benefits and very low risk of exposure at the dentist. In fact, dentists had already been taking much of the protocols needed to protect people from the virus before it had even happened. Due to the nature of dentistry, things like sanitization, cleanliness, and reducing the risk of communicable illnesses was already a major part of dental office protocol. Consider the following tips so your child can stay safe at the dentist during COVID.

Safety Tips for Dental Appointments During COVID

The pandemic has brought so much uncertainty to so many things that were often taken for granted in our day-to-day lives before it hit. Instead of fearing the unknown, focus on taking cautious steps towards getting back to normal while also maintaining your family’s safety. To help keep your child safe at the dentist, try and incorporate the following.

Dental Office Protocol:

Talk with the dentist’s office before your child’s appointment. Ask what their safety protocols are in advance so you are prepared on the day of the appointment. Talk with your child about how the checkup may be different from the last time so they are also mentally prepared for the changes.

Arrive Early:

You should get to your appointment early. But wait until your appointment time to walk in to reduce your exposure in the office. Some offices have helpful protocols where you can check in from outside the office. This helps improve efficiency and reduce your exposure time.

Grab the Essentials:

Even if the dentists’ office has helpful safety protocols in place, be sure and pack your own essentials just in case. Have some extra masks and hand sanitizer on hand. This can help reduce some anxiety as you will be prepared with the necessary essentials.

Outdoor Break:

Instead of waiting for your child in the dentists’ office, wait in the car or outside to avoid being indoors. Staying outdoors is much safer and can reduce your chances of contracting the virus.

The Importance of Children’s Dentistry

It is recommended that children visit the dentist by the time they turn one, or once their first tooth erupts, whichever is sooner. After their first visit, it is normally recommended that they get a dental checkup every six months. Research shows a direct link between childhood dental health and adult dental health outcomes. Getting your child to the dentist and building those habits early on is a great indicator that they will also take good care of their oral health as an adult. Research has also shown that children’s oral health is also linked to better outcomes in school. This includes their grades and attendance record. Setting your child up for success is invaluable, so it’s important to invest in their oral health early.

It is helpful to find the right kids dentist in Arcadia. If your child likes their dentist and the experience, it is more likely they will want to go back. Having a positive attitude and outlook about the dentist can help your child feel more comfortable. While their six-month checkups are integral to their oral health, at-home habits are highly important as well. Focus on dental health at home and make it a family affair. This can build not only healthy habits, but also create great memories.

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