How Long Should You Brush Your Teeth?

Family brushing their teeth together knows how to long you should brush your teeth

Brushing your teeth may be the last thing you do before you leave in a rush out of the house in the morning. The busyness of daily life can leave little time for caring for yourself and your health, including your oral care routine. Instead of making brushing your teeth, the last thing you do before you leave in a rush, give yourself some time to care for your teeth and mouth, so you save yourself unwanted dental visits later. Below you will find how long to brush your teeth for, what exactly to brush, and how you can improve your oral care routine.

Oral Care Time

Dentists recommend the 2/2 rule, which means that you should brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes. You should be brushing in the morning thirty minutes after you eat breakfast and before bed. You may not have a clock in your bathroom, so keeping track of the time you spend brushing your teeth may be difficult. There are a few ways you can help remind yourself to brush twice a day and to monitor how long you are doing it. You can set a reminder on your phone to brush your teeth and set a timer for two minutes once you begin. You can also slowly count to 120.

Lastly, you could sing your favorite song all the way through once (be sure it’s a longer song, otherwise sing it twice!). Whatever you need to do to ensure you brush your teeth for at least two minutes twice a day is all you need to worry about!

Two Minutes to Clean

Many people who brush for two minutes for the first time are shocked at how long it feels. So, what do you do with your two minutes, and how do you make the most of your brush time? Focus on the outside, inside, and bite of your teeth. Use small circles to get each tooth and slowly move your way around your mouth. Be sure and brush your gum line as well so you can get any debris between your teeth and gums. Then, focus on the roof of your mouth as food and harmful bacteria can build up there. Lastly, brush your tongue well. It’s a hotbed for harmful bacteria that can cause cavities.

Oral Health Care Tips

Maintaining a good oral care routine is all about the right products and maintaining consistency. Be sure and brush with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste with fluoride. Replace your toothbrush every three months as it can become worn out and lose its effectiveness. Floss at least twice a day and rinse after to get any leftover debris. Be sure you make a “C” motion in between each tooth to ensure you get all of the debris and harmful bacteria.

Use mouthwash with fluoride as your rinse to increase the strength of your enamel. Lastly, attend your regular dental checkups every six months. If you are putting off going to the dentist, be sure and make an appointment as dental issues can lurk in your mouth and get worse over time. For those with dental problems, you may need to visit the dentist more often, so follow the dentist’s order when it comes to frequency.

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