Failed Root Canal Symptoms

man wondering if he has a failed root canal

A root canal involves the removal of the center portion of your teeth, often referred to as the “pulp.” The pulp is made up of connective tissue, blood vessels, and nerves. The dental procedure is necessary when that portion of your tooth becomes infected, injured, or inflamed. The procedure is highly effective, but it can fail in some cases. Below you will find the most common failed root canal symptoms.

Failed Root Canal Symptoms

Root canals have over a 95% success rate. However, there are some cases where a root canal can fail. If you see any of the following signs of a failed root canal, contact a dental professional immediately.

  • Pain: Some pain is normal after a root canal so it’s important to talk with your dentist in Arcadia about how you are feeling. You should experience mild pain for just a few days. If your pain is persistent and lasts beyond the first few days after your procedure, it may be a cause for concern. Pain after the first few days is often caused by inflammation.
  • Inflammation is often a sign of an infection so it’s important to get it examined right away.
    Swelling: Some swelling is also normal after your root canal procedure. In fact, some patients experience swelling for one to three days post-procedure. Usually over-the-counter medication can help reduce your symptoms. However, swelling beyond the third day is a sign of an infection. This is serious and should be addressed with your dentist immediately.
  • Discharge: Pus or discharge should not occur, even right after your procedure. If you notice pus or discharge (especially if it’s mixed with blood) after your root canal, it is a cause for concern. Pus and abnormal discharge are often associated with an infection. You need treatment right away if your root canal has failed and there are any lingering signs of infection.

Treatment for a Failed Root Canal

Getting a root canal in Arcadia after a failed root canal is necessary for your dental and overall health. The treatment is essentially the same as the original root canal as the focus is to remove the infected, inflamed, or injured pulp from your tooth. The purpose of a root canal is to remove the bacteria from the inside of your tooth. This is done through drilling a small hole into your tooth and then removing the material inside.

The area is disinfected to ensure there is nothing left behind. When the pulp is removed your tooth is then sealed to ensure nothing can get in or out. If your first root canal failed, a dentist will reopen your tooth to get back in to clean everything out. While nobody wants to have back to back root canals, it is necessary for your health. If you are concerned that you may need a root canal, contact the team at Premier Dental Esthetics.

Benefits of a Root Canal

The risks associated with an untreated root canal can be serious. This is why a root canal is a highly beneficial treatment as it preserves your natural tooth and improves your oral health. There are a number of benefits to a root canal including the prevention of tooth loss, infecting neighboring teeth, and it prevents jaw bone degeneration. The procedure is also cost-effective and can help save you on future dental bills. Failing to get a root canal can result in a number of dental issues later on. A root canal can preserve your natural tooth, but if left untreated, you may need tooth extraction and a tooth replacement. If you are concerned you may need a root canal, contact a dental professional immediately.