Can Dental Bridges Get Cavities?

Dental bridges are an excellent tooth replacement option for many patients. They provide the appearance of natural teeth as well as the ability to eat and speak normally. However, they do require daily care if you want them to last. The good news is that they cannot develop cavities in the same way that natural teeth can, but the bad news is that there are many other things that can go wrong if you aren’t practicing good dental hygiene. Here are a few things that you can prevent by brushing twice per day and flossing once daily. But can dental bridges get cavities?

Gum Disease

When you get your dental bridges in Arcadia not be anchored into your gums, but that doesn’t mean your gums don’t need daily care. By using a soft-bristled brush you can gently brush your gums at a 45-degree angle to help dislodge bacteria and food fragments that could be trapped underneath your dental bridge.

If you don’t care for the gums beneath and around your dental bridge, they can still become infected. The infection will cause inflammation. Without treatment, the gum could eventually form an abscess. This condition can be painful and potentially dangerous. As a result, it is important to floss regularly.

Adjacent Tooth Decay

The dental bridge itself cannot be infected, but the teeth that anchor the bridge can be infected. This includes natural teeth and those that have been crowned for additional support. Without proper care, bacteria can work into the gum and into the natural tooth even when it’s protected by a crown. The unfortunate truth is that this decay can be hard to detect without regular dental screenings.

In order to prevent adjacent tooth decay, you should brush and floss normally. You should also use a floss threader to clean underneath the dental bridge. That should prevent any serious issues, but seeing your dentist every six months is the ultimate safeguard.

A Loose Dental Bridge

As long as your dental bridge is properly fitted, it should feel pretty natural after the first few days. If you want to keep it that way, you will need to listen to your dentist’s recommendations in regard to care and food guidelines. That typically includes hard and sticky foods. Patients with dental bridges should also avoid high acid, corrosive food and drink to protect the longevity of their dental bridge.

If the concrete or other important components become damaged, then your dental bridge could become loose and cause further damage. As with all other common forms of dental bridge damage, regular visits to your dentist can act as a safeguard. However, it is possible for a break to occur suddenly. In these cases, you should contact your emergency dentist for help.

Can Dental Bridges Get Cavities?

By flossing once per day, brushing twice per day, and going to the premier dentist in Arcadia every six months, you can give your dental bridge the best possible chance of success. Generally speaking it is the same level of care required to take care of your normal teeth. However, if you’re concerned that dental bridges may not be right for you, you can always discuss partial dentures and dental implants as alternative options.

In all three cases, you will have realistic-looking teeth that allow you to smile, speak, and eat properly. Each option has its own pros and cons, so discuss them carefully with your dentist at Premier Dental Esthetics. Together, you can decide which option works best given your current oral health and overall lifestyle.

Can I Wait to Treat a Tooth Infection

A tooth infection is a medical issue that needs to be addressed due to the nature of its ability to spread. Tooth infections often start out as what may seem to be a harmless toothache. However, a toothache can turn into a tooth infection quickly if left untreated. A tooth infection is referred to as a dental abscess and can be hazardous for your health if it’s not treated immediately. Other words, do not wait to treat a tooth infection.

Can I Wait to Treat a Tooth Infection: Tooth Infection Symptoms

Tooth infections start when bacteria get into your teeth through cracks or cavities. Below are some of the common symptoms of a tooth infection. If you experience any of these, make an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible.

  • Sensitivity to pressure or temperature
  • Throbbing in the tooth or jawbone area
  • Tooth or jaw pain
  • Cheek swelling
  • Fever

If left untreated, a tooth infection can spread to other parts of your body which can cause major issues. This can be serious and even life-threatening if not taken care of. Below are some of the symptoms that should alert you that your tooth infection has spread.

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Fever
  • Sweating
  • Chills
  • Flushed skin
  • Facial swelling
  • Dehydration
  • Increased heart rate
  • Diarrhea or vomiting

Can I Wait to Treat a Tooth Infection: Dangers of Untreated Tooth Infections

Leaving a tooth infection untreated is problematic and can cause more health concerns than just your tooth. Below are some of the common dangers that can occur if you leave your tooth infection untreated.

  • Tooth Loss: If you get treated early you can save your tooth. Root canal therapy and a crown can allow your natural tooth to remain in your mouth. However, the infection can cause tooth loss if you are not careful and fail to get treatment early on.
  • Bone Infection: A tooth infection can impact and infect the surrounding bone area in your jaw and face. Facial bones are not equipped to withstand an infection long term.
  • Septicemia: This occurs when your blood becomes infected by the tooth infection. This is highly dangerous and requires hospitalization.

Root Canal Treatment Arcadia

Your dentist will likely do whatever possible to save your natural tooth. However, some infected teeth cannot stay in your mouth as they could cause more harm. With that, your dentist may need to perform a root canal to ensure that the infection does not spread to the rest of your body. Root canals sound much worse than they are, and it is an important treatment option that can help keep you healthy. Oftentimes the procedure is painless, and the recovery time is fairly fast. This is especially true if you have a skilled dental professional with experience.

Preventative Care

Avoiding dental issues is beneficial for your dental and overall health. It’s important to focus on preventative measures to ensure optimal oral health. This includes brushing at least twice a day for two minutes with a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste with fluoride. You should also floss at least once a day and use mouthwash with fluoride to further protect your enamel. Lastly, you should be visiting the dentist at least every six months. This is vital for your oral health, heart health, and overall health. Talk with your doctor as you may need to visit more often, depending on your unique dental needs.

Dentists Near Arcadia

If you think you have a tooth infection and need treatment, contact Premier Dental Esthetics. Their dentists can provide you with the best care possible and ensure you get the right treatments for your unique dental needs. Their goal is to get you back to health quickly and effectively. Contact their office and make an appointment today!

Replace a Missing Tooth with a Durable Dental Implant

Arcadia dental implants in arcadia

Implants? Crowns? Veneers? Invisible braces? As dental technology and services have expanded in the Arcadia area, so has the vocabulary. Dentistry has advanced to provide many new solutions that address almost every possible dental issue. Dr. Peter Young, considered one of the best dentists in California, has the ability with cosmetic and optimal restorative care.

In the past, if a patient in Arcadia had a missing tooth or a severely damaged tooth, California dentists regularly suggested dental bridges or dentures, because they were the best options at the time. These days, unprecedented dental implants in Arcadia have proven to be superior to dental bridges for most dental patients. They can also replace dentures or anchor dentures for some patients.

Dental implants in Arcadia provides many essential advantages over a dental bridge or dentures, such as:

Longevity – Dental implants are durable and permanent, meaning with proper care they can last ten years or more.
Seamless – Fabricated to have the same shape, size, and color of the original tooth, the implant will blend seamlessly with all the other teeth. If the original tooth had aesthetic troubles, these can usually be repaired with the implant crown.
Function – A dental implant functions like a natural tooth allowing for normal eating and speaking.
Convenience – Unlike dentures, no adhesives, rinsing, or removal is needed.
Independent – Like the missing tooth, the dental implant is treated individually. No damaging of adjacent teeth is required, as with dental bridges. This independence allows nearby teeth to remain intact. Cleaning is easier than with most dental bridges which can require the threading of floss under and around the artificial tooth.

If you want to determine if dental implants in Arcadia are right for you or if you desire specifics about smile redesigns, call Premier Dental Esthetics for more details. We look forward to meeting you!

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Worried About Dental Visits? Sedation Dentistry in Arcadia

sleep dentistry Pasadena

Millions of Americans cope with dental anxiety – a fear of the dentist so great, they avoid going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry from Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia may be the solution to this problem.

Avoiding something you don’t like seems sensible, at first. The problem is that it puts your dental health at risk. That’s not to downplay dental anxiety. It can be so strong that some are left panic-stricken.

Much of this anxiety is brought on by the fear of pain, or the fear of injections. Fear, certainly, is a natural human emotion. But it can exact a very high toll.

Premier Dental Esthetics offers its patients sedation dentistry as a solution to dental anxiety. We have three levels:

Nitrous oxide, commonly called laughing gas, has been used in dentistry for more than one hundred years. It is safe and effective, and will keep you totally relaxed.

Oral conscious sedation involves taking a sedative about an hour before your scheduled procedure. The medication used most often is Triazolam, a safe and quick-acting medication. It has virtually no side effects, but you’ll need a ride home.

IV Sedation is administered intravenously. It will definitely make you drowsy, and may even make you sleep. Once your procedure is over, you’ll need someone to drive you back home.

Please don’t dental anxiety keep you from receiving the quality dental care your teeth require. In addition to sedation dentistry, Premier Dental Esthetics practices family and cosmetic dentistry, and provides emergency dental care.

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