Everything You Never Wanted to Know About Saliva

At Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, we believe that establishing a relationship with an experienced, friendly dentist is fundamental. We encourage our patients to come in twice a year for a dental examination and cleaning. We also want our patients to be knowledgeable about oral health issues.

Let’s discuss saliva. This typically yucky substance is, in reality, a finely balance body fluid that not only maintains dental health but also aids in digestion of your food.

But what’s in saliva?

  1. Water. No surprise here! Your saliva consists mostly of water.
  2. Enzymes. Enzymes are vital biological catalysts that speed chemical reactions. The enzymes in saliva begin the process of digestion.
  3. Immunoproteins. These are powerful cells that fight cellular invaders, such as bacteria. Those in saliva inhibit the overgrowth of microbes in the mouth. This is essential to avoiding gingivitis and keeping a healthy pH balance in the mouth.
  4. Minerals. Saliva minerals assist in maintaining the protective enamel surface of the teeth.

Most Arcadia dental patients produce enough saliva, but some suffer from dry mouth, which is a lack of saliva. This can be dangerous to your dental health, so be sure to speak with us if you are experiencing this.

The team at  Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia would love to talk to you about cleanings, cosmetic services, teeth whitening, braces, veneers, and other smile makeover possibilities. We are equipped to offer general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, family dentistry, orthodontics and a long list of other procedures. Call us today for an appointment.

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