Don’t Let Stress Hurt Your Smile: Oral Health in Arcadia

We all lead stressful lives, and maybe that’s why more and more people seem to have stress-related dental issues. That concerns us at Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia, because stress can really do a number on your oral health.

Mouth sores, teeth clenching and grinding, gum disease, and poor oral hygiene can all be exacerbated by stress.

Anyone who difficulty managing stress needs to realize it can increase the risk of getting mouth sores such as cankers and cold sores. Most canker sores only last 7-10 days, but for relief from the irritation, we recommend an over-the-counter topical anesthetic from any drug store.

Clenching and grinding the teeth is common for stressed-out folks, and often it’s done unconsciously. At Premier Dental Esthetics, we can determine if a night guard or other dental appliance is appropriate to minimize the effects of grinding.

Gum disease is exacerbated by stress because stress can result in an increase in dental plaque, which in turn contributes to the development of gum disease.

And many people under stress are more likely to neglect their oral hygiene routine. Many also tend to eat more sugary snacks when they’re under stress.

If you’re concerned about the effect stress can have on your oral health, schedule an appointment at Premier Dental Esthetics in Arcadia. We offer family and cosmetic dentistry, gum disease treatment, children’s dental health, and emergency dentistry.

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